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Outreach Co-ordinator for Maidstone Family Church

Maidstone Family Church is pleased to announce the decision to appoint Mark Bingham, an evangelist with Counties and prior to that Church Army, to the post of MFC Outreach Coordinator, for a term of at least two years.

The role will be a part-time one and will include helping the church to build an effective outreach strategy, training up a team of volunteers for door-to-door and relational evangelism, and spearheading the church’s outreach program, which will include both pre-lockdown contact activities (such as toddlers, kids’ work, and social events) and more overtly evangelistic activities which we hope to be able to introduce as the year progresses.  Mark will also be joining the MFC leadership as a paid member of the team.

Mark says regarding the move: “As a family we have spent much time waiting on God: my current role in Maulden came to an end over six months ago, so we have had to rely on Him to provide for our needs.  I have a heart for the lost and helping people come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour; I am also passionate about helping Christians get excited about sharing their faith, as we are all called to go and make disciples.  We are excited to be moving to Maidstone and look forward to seeing what God will do.”

The hope is to be able to secure accommodation and see Mark, Amanda and their children move to Maidstone by the end of March, with a view to him officially taking up the role mid-April.

Please pray for them as a family as they prepare to relocate, and for MFC too, that we will all be ready for the new things God wants to do through us.

Steve Edney –  Pastor, Maidstone Family Church

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