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Introducing 3 Cups Church, Walthamstow

3 Cups Church is a new Christ-centred community of faith, recently planted in East London, around the Blackhorse Road/Higham Hill area of Waltham Forest. We are a tiny group of individuals seeking to grow as a community in loving-mission for our neighbourhood. Though currently very small we have a big heart for the people we have been called to bless and serve. Currently we are involved creating gardening spaces for our local community, blessing people through food rescue and banks, participating in and promoting local grassroots art and design, and discipling, witnessing and praying for our friends and neighbours.

Our name comes from the cups of the New Testament; the one Christ drinks for us (Matthew 26:39), the one Christ offered to his disciples (Matthew 26:27), and the one that Christ asks us to give him by serving our neighbours (Matthew 25:35). Simply, we believe that the worship of Christ, the fellowship of disciples round a table, and service to those in physical and spiritual need, all go together as the essential elements of living an incarnational life in this corner of London. We launched back in 2019 (though some of us had been laying the groundwork since late 2014) and are excited about where God will take us over this decade.

We are also very excited to have been welcomed into Partnership and are looking forward to enjoying, cultivating and contributing to the relational networks of care, support and encouragement that it represents. We hope that you will pray for us as we seek to grow a colony of Christ’s Kingdom here, near Blackhorse Road, just as we will be praying for you to experience the rich blessings of Father, Son, & Spirit in your churches and the work they undertake.
You can find out more about us by visiting our website ( or by emailing our lead church planters Constance and Oli Smith (

Constance & Oli Smith

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