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Pfizer have come up trumps again! With the new vaccine being distributed, we are beginning to see a way out of the Covid maze.

I’m asking church leaders all over the country, “Are you excited about the prospect of things getting back to normal?” It’s a bit of a trick question. The answers are revealing.

I don’t think that being excited about things getting back to normal shows much spiritual imagination or ambition. Shouldn’t we aim a bit higher?

This is a great time to reflect. To recalibrate. To ‘health check’ our lives and our churches. To ‘box the compass’ and see if we are truly heading in the right direction.

ReNew is a great tool to help you with this. It is a series of 6 videos with the tag line. “Bible principles and practical steps towards church revitalization.” The videos are short (about 15 minutes) and there are accompanying participant notes and leader notes.

ReNew is ideal for leadership groups – or well-led homegroups.

Important subjects such as:

  • being realistic about our strengths and weaknesses,
  • managing change,
  • What does your community think of your church?
  • Vision, Mission and Strategy

are faced in a way that is engaging and relaxed, and above all, firmly based in the principles of Scripture.

Would you like to see the INTRO video? It’s here. It’s FREE.

Grab a coffee (it is 8 minutes long) and see if ReNew might be a useful resource for your church.

Simon Ladd

Partnership Regional Coordinator, East Anglia & Midlands

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