ROC – Redeeming our Communities, is something that several SW Partnership churches are involved within their communities. Mark Jones from Dawlish Christian Fellowship is one of those. Here he explains briefly what it is about and invites anyone who wants to find out more to come to their ‘Action Stations’ conference in Taunton, details below.

ROC Dawlish was born in October 2017 when we had our ‘ROC Conversation’, with over 140 local people gathering together from all walks of life. Since then, we have been blessed with so many recent, inspiring stories of how ROC Dawlish has been strengthening social cohesion or opening doors for the Kingdom of God, depending on your theological point of view. Both are true at the same time, because Jesus is Lord of all. ROC has proven to be a great way to meet people we would never otherwise have met. It’s given the church real credibility in the local community by working alongside them, and not doing things just for them. ROC Dawlish has enabled us to access all the schools with Christian content, we’re on great terms with the police, we’ve been invited to pray at the Council meetings, and are now considered to be a non-threatening, non-political front-runner to host a range of community ‘get togethers’ that seek the common good, and help make Dawlish a safer, kinder community.

Action Stations is the National ROC Conference, aimed at churches, which will showcase and share exciting examples of the church reaching out to the local community, based on the experience of our Action Groups and projects around the UK. It is at Oakwood Church, Taunton starting Friday 2pm 12th June and continuing on Saturday. Tickets from as low as £30. Want to know more see or contact Mark Jones.

Dr Mark Jones,

ROC Dawlish Local Coordinator



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